KZ ZSX Review

This is the KZ ZSX. I normally don’t review wired IEMs, but I received a review unit over, and I happen to have the ZS10 Pro. So I thought it would make a nice comparison for anyone who is deciding between the two. In terms of packaging, the ZSX has a slightly nicer box and presentation compared to the ZS10 Pro, which has the same cheap packaging as the ZSN Pro.

KZ ZSX Review

Inside the box, I was hoping for a slightly nicer cable, or just an extra pair of foam tips since this is a little more expensive, but nope. Still the same decent, but easily tangled brown cable, and the same silicone eartips. In terms of the design, other than a different metal plate on top, which is a zinc alloy by the way, the ZSX has a similar resin shell like the ZS10 Pro. Just bigger and with a slightly different shape. It’s definitely a different look and feel compared to the ZS10 Pro, which shares more resemblance with the ZSN Pro. I prefer the design of the ZSX a little bit more just because it’s a little less shiny.

Because of the slight protrusion near the top, I definitely feel the ZSX in my ears a bit more. It’s not uncomfortable for me, but depending on the shape of your ears, these might not fit as well. In terms of hardware, the ZSX uses a configuration that is similar to the ZS10 Pro just with 1 extra BA driver. So a total of 5 BA drivers plus 1 dynamic driver on each side. It still kinda blows my mind that you can get these types of configuration at this price point. I remember paying like close to a hundred Singapore dollars for the UE600 years ago, and that had just a single BA driver. Anyway, in terms of how the ZSX sounds, it’s really nice.

It has an energetic sound with slightly boosted bass, extended highs, and the mids are pretty nice and detailed as well. The bass sounds pleasant , and doesn’t overpower the rest of the sound. Compared to the ZS10 Pros, the ZSX sounds more natural to me, especially for vocals. There is a bit more airy-ness to the sound which makes it less artificial and metallic sounding to me. Not sure if this is the right way to describe it, but on the ZS10 Pro the sound rolls off a bit too quickly, making it sound a little unnatural to me. The treble is a little too bright for my liking as well, and at times could sound a little harsh.

So I definitely prefer the sound on the ZSX more. Because of the differences I’ve mentioned above, I actually feel like the ZSX is slightly less fatiguing to listen to, which is nice. And while we’re talking about fatigue, I noticed a difference when it comes to the cable with mic versus the one without. To me ears, I’m hearing less details with the cable with mic, especially in the higher and lower frequencies. It also has a lower volume output as well, and was also more fatiguing for my ears for some reason. Talking about cables, I have the updated Bluetooth cable as well, and I noticed a slight degradation in sound quality, which is to be expected. However, it’s still going to sound better than most true wireless earbuds, just that you have to deal with the cable, and the shorter battery life. It’s probably not that great for jogging as well. In the end, I do think the ZSX is a small, but nice upgrade over the ZS10 Pro.

However, if you like a brighter sound, the ZS10 Pro could be better for you. But either way, I think they’re both good value for money, and both provides a fun and engaging listening experience at reasonable prices. Since the Tin T2 is also around the same price range, and I also have one with me, let’s talk about that as well. The T2 is not as colourful or detailed sounding compared to the ZSX, and the bass response is much flatter, so bass heads probably won’t enjoy this. But it still has enough going for it to make it engaging to listen to. It sounds smoother and more natural to me, which makes it less fatiguing to listen to. The soundstage also seems a bit wider, and the vocals are a bit more forward as well. Personally, while I do enjoy immersing myself in all the details that the ZSX is able to provide, I’m probably still picking up the Tin T2 if I know I’ll be listening to music for extended periods of time.

It’s just a lot more comfortable for me. Ultimately, I think they’re both good in their own ways, and it really depends on what you’re looking for. Anyway, I know I’m not exactly an audiophile and this is not a very technical review, but I hope that as a regular consumer just trying to get better audio quality at more reasonable prices, I was able to provide some useful information at least.

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Mistakes You’re Making That Ruin Your Hair

We all know the feeling of a great hair period. But did you know you might be spoiling your chances of nailing your look, with the exact procedures you use to achieve it? From mixing firebrands to raising the heat, here are the ways we’re destroying our mane. Scouring very hard-bitten While you likely enjoy a good professional scalp rub, it’s not something you are able to D.I.Y. at home. “Everyone in favor of prevailing? ” Dove celebrity stylist Cynthia Alvarez explained why, telling Glamour, “Wet hair is weak and more prone to breaking … Stroke your scalp from forehead to nape, on the two sides, and along the hairline rather than scratching aggressively.” That is something that leads for oily “hairs-breadth”, since your scalp will overproduce oil if scoured very hard. Swear off the domino effect and leave scalp massages to the experts. Mixing brands It’s easy to rationalize splurging on a top-of-the-line shampoo, peculiarly if you plan to even up certain differences by buying a super cheap off-brand conditioner to use with it.

“They’ve gone wild. The daughters have gone wild.” But Good Housekeeping’s beauty lab director, Birnur Aral, says, “Shampoos and conditioners are developed and researched for efficacy in pairs, which allows their companies to optimize parts for their individual functions.” “This is like my dream and my nightmare all at one time.” She claims that mingling labels might actually attain them least effective. The best bet is to buy your shampoo and conditioner in branded pairs.

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Total washout “Excuse me miss, your fuzz is completely naked.” “It better be.” Whether you clean your “hairs-breadth” three or six times per week, there’s really no one-size-fits-all list when it comes to this subject. But celebrity hairdresser Tonya Le told Insider, ” … paying attention to the little ratifies your hair is giving you can help you come up with the most wonderful drying schedule.” If your colouring fades-out abruptly, even when you’re using make attained exclusively for treated whisker, you could be moistening too often. Same slew if your hair is frizzy, feels dry, or is separating on the ends. Le admonishes, “A total lack of humidity from divesting oils can also be used cause a cool, flaky scalp and as your scalp bone-dries out so does your hair.” But even if you’ve cut back on how often you bath, there’s a right and a wrong way to suds up. Pantene celebrity stylist Danilo Dixon told Good Housekeeping that in order to get good coverage with your shampoo, “Squeeze it into your palms, then use your digits to work it from your scalp to the ends.” And … don’t forget to rinse.

Too much towel war “I don’t wanna be critical, but this is very chewy.” “You’re eating a hand towel.” When you step out of the shower with drenched hair, it’s second nature to grab a towel and wrap it tightly around your premier. But celeb hairdresser Monae Everett told HuffPost that towel-drying is actually one of the most serious things you can do to your mane. Even time squeezing your hair with a terry cloth towel is bad news. Everett says, “This can degenerate split ends and justification small-minded holes along the hair shaft, fading the hair.” Instead, Everett recommends switching out your cotton towel for a microfiber towel or even a T-shirt to gently “blot and constrict your hair dry.” Too hot to hold You certainly don’t want to scorch your ropes. But it turns out there’s a way to safely heat-style your fuzz, according to experts. Before you affect the blow-dryer, celeb hairdresser Charles Baker Strahan told Today, “Put a few drops of petroleum on soaking “hairs-breadth” to protect from detriment while domesticate frizz and flyaways.” But the most important step is becoming sure your hair implements aren’t piping hot , no matter whether your “hairs-breadth” is damp or wholly dry.

While thicker hair necessitates higher temps , no one should be using 400 positions of hot or more, according to celebrity stylist Jamika Wilson. She told Today, “While you think this comes your “hairs-breadth” directly and smooth, you are actually damaging the hair.” Brushing your fuzz all erroneous “Dang.” “Aw man.” “Gag me.” If you don’t cover your hair before you hop-skip in the shower, you’re not alone. However, celeb hairdresser Nunzio Saviano told Shape that shampooing simply generates more knots. So, give your hair a clean before you shower, peculiarly if your whisker mazes readily. But don’t only brush straight-out from your roots to your culminates. Instead, detangle your hair by grazing near the ends to start, and then moving up your pate, a little at a time. And this doesn’t mean you should “ve forgotten” your springs. Stylist Nick Penna told the mag, “Brushing your beginnings is crucial for arousing the scalp and redistributing natural oils that help necessity the “hairs-breadth” and keep it healthy.” “Richer.

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Top 5 Places to Shop in Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta, the huge capital of Indonesia, is a blend of various culture , religions, and histories. It is a beautiful place with some great tourist spots. When you are in Jakarta, you must really go shopping. It is filled with exciting places to shop and a wonderful nightlife. This so-called megapolitan is a charm in Southeast Asia. It is lovely, different, and adventurous. When you are in Jakarta, you can be assured to have a great shopping experience. Here are the top 5 places to shop in Jakarta!


Shopping at Jalan Surabaya is a unique experience. Filled with various shops, good-natured sellers, and lovely items, Jalan Surabaya is an amazing place for bargain shoppers. As you walk down the road cramped with vintage lanterns, antiques, and jewellery, you will realize that you can find anything here. And by anything, I mean anything! This marvellous flea market has some amazing souvenirs if you have the knack for buying things at a flea market. You can also find some really rare items here. There are also some nice coffee shops on the street, where you can relax when you get tired of all the strolling and haggling. Just remember to take your time while shopping here, and you will successfully take home some really nice gifts for your family and friends.


Located in a multifunctional complex, the Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall is one of South East Asia’s largest shopping centres. It is located very close to the Selamat Datang and Bundaran HI. This is your mall if you love shopping –it has everything for women, men, and children. There are affordable shops and high-end luxury brands. There are some amazing eateries here and if you are a car lover, you can spot some really expensive cars around here. The only downside about shopping here is that the mall is really very huge. If you are going here for the first time, you may have slight trouble navigating your way around the place. But the good news is that the staff is lovely and very helpful and will assist you in any kind of help you need!


Senayan City is seven-floored, high-end shopping mall. It is located right in front of the Plaza Senayan, probably the oldest mall in Jakarta. Even though the Senayan City is not as high-end as the Plaza, it is becoming more popular. This is your mall if you want to affordable luxury shopping. It is a clean and fun-filled place, with cinema halls, food shops, and gadget stores. There is an amusement park for children and a supermarket in case you are looking for some grocery. This mall makes it to the list because it is one of the most upcoming malls in Jakarta and is rightly so.


ITC Mangga Dua is a part of the Mangga Dua shopping district. There are six malls in the district, each specialising in different products. ITC Mangga is your place to go to if you are looking for fashion and accessories. The mall is a retail mall and looks more like a factory building. It is filled with all kinds of clothes. You must bargain and will be able to bring down the prices a little. When you like something, buy it, because chances are that you won’t find the item again in the mall. If you are looking for genuine designer clothes at a discounted price, ITC Mangga Dua is not your place. This is where you will find cheap imported stuff and some amazing souvenirs. It is a little crowded, but it is amazing!



A wholesale market for fashion clothes, the busy market of Tanah Abang is one of the biggest markets in Asia. If you know the right place, you can find anything here. There is a lot of scope for haggling and if you are patient, you will find some amazing stuff. Since this is a very popular market, it is usually jam packed with people. It is not recommended that you bring children along to this market. Traffic is crazy during rush hours, so beware of that. The place can be really chaotic, and if you are not into haggling and street-shopping, you may want to avoid the market. But all said and done, this is one of the craziest markets in entire Asia, and you must visit it at least once for a different shopping experience!

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Teenage Fashion History

Youngsters additionally utilized mold to check out individual and aggregate personalities. Amid the 1890s, for instance, many working young ladies in urban America rejected traditionalist methods of female dress for vainglorious hues, extravagant embellishments, and skirts and dresses slice to emphasize their hips and thighs. Youthful working men additionally received particular styles. In the mid-nineteenth century, for example, the Bowery region of New York City was home to dandified road toughs known as “B’hoys.” According to the socialite Abraham Dayton, “These ‘B’hoys’ … were the most consummate dandies of the day,” and strutted the boulevards with luxuriously lubed front locks, expansive overflowed caps, turned-down shirt collars, dark gown coats with skirts beneath the knee, weaved shirts, and “a bounty of adornments as shifted and expensive as the b’hoy could get” (Dayton, pp. 217-218).

Teenage Fashion Trend

Equivalent forms likewise showed up in Europe. For example, in his self-portraying record of life in the British town of Salford, Robert Roberts reviewed the posses of youthful toughs known as “scuttlers” who, when the new century rolled over, donned a trademark style of “association shirt, chime bottomed pants, overwhelming calfskin belt chose in extravagant outlines with a vast steel clasp, and thick, press shod obstructs” (Roberts, p. 155).

Flappers and Campus Culture

The 1930s saw the young market extend further. In Britain, in spite of a general monetary downturn, youthful specialists’ expendable salaries steadily rose, and they were sought by a developing scope of buyer businesses. In the United States, the monetary blast of the 1920s additionally guaranteed a sprouting youth showcase, while particular styles turned out to be progressively connected with the youthful. The picture of the youthful, female “flapper” was particularly noticeable. With her smooth styles, short weaved hair, and lively relaxation interests, the model flapper included in many publicizing efforts as the encapsulation of chic innovation.

Attire styles equipped to young fellows likewise turned out to be more particular. From the 1890s sportswear wound up well known for easygoing clothing. Shirt styles beforehand worn for games supplanted more formal attire as another, relaxation situated tasteful surfaced inside young fellows’ mold. Demonstrative was the presence of the “Bolt Man,” who turned into an installation of notices for Arrow shirts from 1905 ahead. A model of all around prepped and etch jawed manliness, the “Bolt Man” was a young and slick manly prime example whose virile strength ensured a fashionability untainted by doubts of effeminacy. With the development of American schools and colleges amid the 1920s, an identifiable “university” or “Ivy League” style of dress additionally came to fruition. Dress firms, for example, Campus Leisure-wear (established in 1922), together with the motion picture, magazine, and promoting businesses, offered intelligibility to this keen however easygoing blend of traditional shirts, chino slacks, letter sweaters, cardigans, and loafers.

Worldwide Circulation of Teenage Fashion

The development of the broad communications was a pivotal factor in the scattering of high school form. The multiplication of teenager magazines, movies, and TV music shows, for example, American Bandstand (syndicated on the ABC organize from 1957), guaranteed that movements in high schooler styles spread rapidly all through the United States. The worldwide course of U.S. media likewise enabled the designs of high school America to spread around the world. In Britain, for instance, the zoot suit was received by London adolescents amid the 1940s, the style in this manner advancing into the since quite a while ago, “hung” coats that were the identification of 1950s toughs known as “Teddy young men.” Behind the “press drapery,” as well, youths were affected by American design. In the Soviet Union, for instance, the 1950s saw a style known as “stil” create as a Russian elucidation of American high school mold.

As in the U.S., statistic shifts supported the development of the European high schooler advertise. In Britain, for instance, an after war time of increased birth rates saw the quantity of individuals matured under twenty develop from three million out of 1951 to more than four million by 1966. A development of instruction additionally fortified thoughts of youngsters as a careful social gathering. As in America, monetary patterns were likewise fundamental. In Britain, for example, light levels of youth business improved youth’s discretionary cashflow, and economic specialists, for example, Mark Abrams recognized the ascent of “unmistakable young spending for particular high school closes in an unmistakable adolescent world” (Abrams, p. 10). The high schooler showcase that rose in after war Britain, in any case, was more regular workers in character than its American proportional. In Britain increments in youth spending were concentrated among youthful specialists, and Abrams evaluated that “not far shy of 90 percent of all high school spending” was “molded by average workers taste and qualities” (Abrams, p. 13).

European youth style sustained once more into the advancement of U.S. youth culture. Amid the mid-1960s, for instance, America was charmed by a British popular music “attack” led by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. American ladies’ mold, in the interim, was changed by British fares, for example, the miniskirt and Mary Quant’s chic innovator plans. English menswear was additionally persuasive. Reviewing the design scene in “Swinging London,” for instance, Time magazine was awed by “the new, way-out mold in young fellows’ garments” (Time, 15 April 1966). In pre-winter 1966 a whirlwind of media energy likewise encompassed the entry in America of British “Mod” style-a combination of fitted shirts, strongly cut coats, and decreased pants, which was itself enlivened by the easily custom fitted lines of Italian form.

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Apple Pencil alternative you should know about

For a significant part of the previous a half year, my Apple Pencil had been perched around my work area, unused.

I purchased the iPad Pro’s written work actualize spontaneously when I got a 10.5″ iPad Pro, supposing it may be enjoyable to play with for drawing and portraying out thoughts. But since my activity basically includes composing on a console, I only occasionally had a particular motivation to tote the Apple Pencil around. What’s more, since Apple did exclude any approach to stow the Apple Pencil when not being used, I typically simply left it behind.

Apple Pencil Alternative you should buy

Everything that changed a long time prior, on account of a shabby hack that adds a conventional pen clasp to the Apple Pencil. Despite the fact that it may not appear like a major ordeal, having the Apple Pencil inside reach urged me to utilize it all the more regularly, and I’ve since turned out to be fixated on utilizing it to compose unpleasant story drafts.


I can’t assume praise for the pen cut thought, which has been specified on a few Apple writes throughout the years. In any case, I chose to try it out subsequent to visiting my cousin Sonia Harris, an expert visual originator who demonstrated to me how she cut the Pencil to her own particular 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

As 9to5Mac’s Zac Hall takes note of, Pentel’s Sharp Automatic pencils are the ideal fit, effortlessly sliding onto the Pencil from the written work side and remaining immovably set up once joined. The chrome complete even matches the Apple Pencil’s own particular metal band. (Goliath Lion’s $10 Pen Pal is a made-for-the-Pencil frill that achieves something comparative.)

Making sense of the most ideal approach to cut the Apple Pencil to the Smart Keyboard was trickier. The wrong arrangement could scratch the screen, put undue weight on the keys, or haul the iPad lopsided with the Smart Keyboard’s charged edge.

I settled on snaring the Pencil onto the collapsed fold of material that keeps running between the base of the console and the Smart Connector. In spite of the fact that this pulls the cover somewhat far from the iPad’s edge, the two sections are still close enough to draw in the attractive screen bolt, even with the console collapsed around to the iPad’s rear. The Pencil and the screen don’t contact in this position, ensuring the show. The main drawback is that the Pencil sits to some degree ungracefully between the Smart Keyboard’s triangular stand and the back of the iPad in PC mode, yet this didn’t hinder utilizing the iPad for composing.


With the Apple Pencil in achieve, I began playing around with it all the more regularly, and it wasn’t well before I was utilizing it to compose unpleasant story drafts. In spite of the fact that I haven’t done much composition by hand since school, on the iPad Pro it turned into a strangely loosening up movement. I invest so much energy slouched over my work area PC that penmanship turned into a much needed development of pace, particularly in the nighttimes when I’m on the lounge chair and far from my work area.

Obviously, you could state the same of a customary pen and paper, however composing on the iPad Pro has its own advantages. For a certain something, I can undoubtedly delete what I’ve composed or begin once again without tearing up a bit of paper, and can change over to an internet browser or email when I have to gaze something upward. What’s more, since I’m writing in Microsoft’s OneNote programming, notes consequently show up on my PC when it’s a great opportunity to compose the last draft.

There are a lot of alternatives for penmanship applications on the iPad Pro, including some that will change over written by hand notes into content. Be that as it may, OneNote’s free iPad application is adequate for my requirements, and lets me effectively stack my written work through its local PC application. And keeping in mind that that PC application has an ink-to-content element, I’ve discovered that physically retyping my notes is a decent method to make a second draft. (Also, even Microsoft’s complex character acknowledgment calculations are no counterpart for my messy penmanship.)


Talk has it that Apple will discharge another Pencil with the following iPad Pro in 2018, yet it’s vague if a superior method to bear it is underway. Meanwhile, I ran with what appeared the least complex and least expensive arrangement. Thus far, it’s meant a sound lift in profitability.

What you need to know when buying WIGS online

There are 3 primary sorts of wigs. There are bind front wigs, which are for the most part the sort that Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and the Kardashians wear, and they’re made with a thin trim strip at the front of the wig, which can without much of a stretch be camouflaged utilizing make-up to resemble your common hairline. At that point there are monofilament based wigs, which are the most breathable, characteristic looking wigs. The partings are hand tied so they look simply like a characteristic hair separating. At last, there are machine made wigs, which are the most famous wigs and the slightest costly on the grounds that they’re made by machine yet can even now look extremely characteristic.

What are wigs produced using?

Wigs can either be produced using human hair or engineered hair. As you can envision, human hair wigs are exceptionally costly, in any case, these days the fiber that is utilized for manufactured wigs, which is called Kanakalon, looks and feels simply like human hair and is a small amount of the cost. The main drawback of engineered hair wigs is that it can’t be colored like human hair.

Best Aliexpress Hair Wigs

What’s the most ideal approach to apply a wig?

In a perfect world, you would area your hair and put these areas into stick twists. Be that as it may, if this is excessively confused or you don’t have sufficient energy, you can fold your hair over your go to smooth it and basically stick it set up.


Once you’ve done that, find the back of the wig, where the tag is. Hold the wig with the two hands, one on each side of the tag and place the front of the wig at your eyebrows. Force the wig the distance over your head and afterward

slide the front of the wig back until the point when you achieve your hairline. It’s vital to take everything the path to the hairline; else it would appear that you don’t have a temple.

Run your fingers at the edges of the wigs and locate the two hard ear tabs (they’re for the most part close to your sanctuaries). Ensure that these ear tabs are even – this is the manner by which you realize that your wig is on straight.

Once the wig is at your hair line, tabs are even and the wig is pulled down in the back, you’re finished.

What would it be a good idea for us to search for when purchasing a wig?

I think its awesome to attempt and try different things with new styles and hues when purchasing a wig. On the off chance that you are needing to wear them regularly go for a more common style and dependably take a gander at client audits in case you’re obtaining from on the web. They can disclose to you more about the wig than just pictures alone.

Do certain sorts of wigs work better for specific hairdos?

For instance, in the event that we needed to plait a wig, is there a particular kind of wig that is smarter to utilize?

In the event that you are searching for a wig without a periphery then you would need to go for a Lace Front wig, in the event that you needed to interlace a wig it wouldn’t make any difference what sort of style the wig top was only that the wig itself was thick so you would not perceive any of your own hair underneath.

How might you influence wigs to look like regular hair?

Great wigs should look like regular hair and no one ought to ever have the capacity to tell that you are wearing a wig – except if you’ve gone for a green wig with shines in it!

Any tips or deceives you have in regards to wigs?

Dry cleanser is splendid for taking any sparkle off engineered hair. Utilizing a molding splash on the closures of hair draws out the life of the wig, and utilizing a garments cleanser rather than a conditioner is an awesome method for breathing life into an old wig back.

Finally, modifying your wig is the ideal method to influence it to look normal. Include pins, plait it, mesh it, back brush it – they’re all extraordinary approaches to make your wig your own.