Ladies it’s so worth it to just spend extra money to buy high quality hair why because once you’ve bought it and you’ve taken it out if you cared for it you can reuse it and it can last up to a year if you purchase good quality hair and bundles my pack hair so right now I have conditioner I washed it and now it’s conditioner setting on it just like I would do if I was taking care of my real hair so it’s worth it to go the extra mile on the coin because in the long run it actually saves you because you don’t have to keep repeating and buying hair all over again just buy you some good hair one time it can last you the whole here take it out don’t wear it all year now take it out wash it let your hair breathe and then do a reinstall but it’s so worth it okay so I’ve now gone and rinsed out the conditioner so I’m gonna take the blow-dryer and I’m going to blow-dry a little bit I’m not gonna dry it all the way with a blow-dryer because I don’t want the hair to get straight I want it to dry in its natural state

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I mean I wanted to curl in his natural state so I’m gonna just dry it a little bit so it’s not dripping wet and then I’m gonna let the rest of it air dry do everything like you would do if you were taking care of your real hair so we Flatiron it don’t use excessive heat when you blow-dry it I’m going to use I’m gonna use the medium setting and then I’ll take it down to the low setting but you don’t want to overdo anything you don’t want to over use heat on your extensions just like you won’t want to over use heat on your real hair okay so I got my hair dry enough where I was comfortable walking around with it so I’m gonna let it finish drying on its own at this point so per say yes just like what your real here when is wet wanna comb it through with a wide tooth comb not a fine come let me got to show you guys here so I want it to envy hair salon which if you’re not in Atlanta metro area it is a franchise here they have three locations here so far I went to the one in Lithia Springs and the stolen was really really good I bought the hair from in me it’s their hair and you know so that my installation they’re very flat so in it’s not bumpy you can wear our head and it just fit so good anyway this is something left over here so this is what the hair looks like out the pack this is their Brazilian and I think this is the yeah this is some hair left from the 14 inches long bundle I got a 16 and a 14 install plus a closure I really do like the hair on its it’s soft is very soft pros and cons it does not I have not had a shedding problem

I mean obviously gonna have a little shedding over time when you’re brushing your hair or flattering in or whatever but it’s not bad shedding over time at the nape as it is with a lot of hair or on the nape of the neck it did it does tangle a little bit but it’s not hard to just comb my or brush out really easy let me show you guys what I use on the hair when I’m washing it stay with the camera I’m trying to get my camera flip over I guess I gotta hit the button why isn’t it acting right okay well I’ll just turn it around so what I use is the darn a fruit fruit this is it fruit it’s a fruit juice whatever the darn yeah you know what I’m talking about I use the triple nutrition system so this is the conditioner shampoo I use I also use this marvelous oil hair elixir I love it and what I’m going to do as far as my extensions are concerned is once it’s completely dry I’m going to apply a little bit to the entire head because it’s gonna give it this really nice healthy shine so it’s gonna make the hair look very healthy and strong it smells really really really really good so really good I do like that what else do I need to tell you about the hair I mean it’s good I like the hair the hair is good I do not like their closure I will never buy another closure from them unless they do a reconstruction the hair of the closure is fine I did not like the construction of the closure because we really like the stylist had to really make the part you know to me it wasn’t an easy closure to just do parting on so we really really had to make and create that part in the closure so I didn’t like that mmm the baby hairs but outside of that the bundles are great I don’t really have any complaints about the bundles it says virgin in a virgin it’s wrap it is

I will say it’s Remy but it’s not virgin and the reason why I say it’s not virgin it’s because as soon as that flatiron hit it that smell came out of it you know that smell that corn chip smell and true virgin hair does not have that smell that smell often comes from the hair being acid wash and if it’s been accent watched it’s no longer virgin hair you know virgin hair means there’s been no chemical processing or altering of the hair now you can still have ringing hair that’s not virgin okay all virgin hair is roomy but not all remy hair is virgin I eat you have virgin energy diet at that point it’s still ringing but it’s no longer virgin I have an entire video on the differences between virgin remy pact hair all of that stuff it’s been up for a while but you can just go to my page and under the hair 101 section and you will find that but yeah take care of your extensions if you if you’re buying the good quality buns just take care of them like you would your real hair and they’ll last a long time now I have a flight to catch super duper uber early in the morning so that’s why I’m not going to do this video all the way through and let you see it once it’s dry cuz I am confident but you guys get the gist of it and yeah you can see it now as its drying it’s like three-quarters of the way dry so you can kind of see how it’s going to end up and then once I click the oil on it it’s gonna make it really give it a really nice shine and it’ll look a little darker if you guys have not don’t forget to check out my book yes I wrote a book it’s called oh she said it is on Amazon so OAH she said it just type oh she said it in the search box on Amazon and it will pull right up for you guys purchase it let me know what you think it’s bear it’s not a long book at all you can read it on the airplane it’s only like 52 pages but it’s short but it’s impactful so make sure you get that I’m gonna do better with my hair videos I know you guys are there waiting a long time so this is my first hair video of the year which is taking care of your remy hair extensions until next time you guys stay back peace

Caring for Remy Hair + Virgin Brazilian Hair Review