Jakarta, the huge capital of Indonesia, is a blend of various culture , religions, and histories. It is a beautiful place with some great tourist spots. When you are in Jakarta, you must really go shopping. It is filled with exciting places to shop and a wonderful nightlife. This so-called megapolitan is a charm in Southeast Asia. It is lovely, different, and adventurous. When you are in Jakarta, you can be assured to have a great shopping experience. Here are the top 5 places to shop in Jakarta!


Shopping at Jalan Surabaya is a unique experience. Filled with various shops, good-natured sellers, and lovely items, Jalan Surabaya is an amazing place for bargain shoppers. As you walk down the road cramped with vintage lanterns, antiques, and jewellery, you will realize that you can find anything here. And by anything, I mean anything! This marvellous flea market has some amazing souvenirs if you have the knack for buying things at a flea market. You can also find some really rare items here. There are also some nice coffee shops on the street, where you can relax when you get tired of all the strolling and haggling. Just remember to take your time while shopping here, and you will successfully take home some really nice gifts for your family and friends.


Located in a multifunctional complex, the Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall is one of South East Asia’s largest shopping centres. It is located very close to the Selamat Datang and Bundaran HI. This is your mall if you love shopping –it has everything for women, men, and children. There are affordable shops and high-end luxury brands. There are some amazing eateries here and if you are a car lover, you can spot some really expensive cars around here. The only downside about shopping here is that the mall is really very huge. If you are going here for the first time, you may have slight trouble navigating your way around the place. But the good news is that the staff is lovely and very helpful and will assist you in any kind of help you need!


Senayan City is seven-floored, high-end shopping mall. It is located right in front of the Plaza Senayan, probably the oldest mall in Jakarta. Even though the Senayan City is not as high-end as the Plaza, it is becoming more popular. This is your mall if you want to affordable luxury shopping. It is a clean and fun-filled place, with cinema halls, food shops, and gadget stores. There is an amusement park for children and a supermarket in case you are looking for some grocery. This mall makes it to the list because it is one of the most upcoming malls in Jakarta and is rightly so.


ITC Mangga Dua is a part of the Mangga Dua shopping district. There are six malls in the district, each specialising in different products. ITC Mangga is your place to go to if you are looking for fashion and accessories. The mall is a retail mall and looks more like a factory building. It is filled with all kinds of clothes. You must bargain and will be able to bring down the prices a little. When you like something, buy it, because chances are that you won’t find the item again in the mall. If you are looking for genuine designer clothes at a discounted price, ITC Mangga Dua is not your place. This is where you will find cheap imported stuff and some amazing souvenirs. It is a little crowded, but it is amazing!



A wholesale market for fashion clothes, the busy market of Tanah Abang is one of the biggest markets in Asia. If you know the right place, you can find anything here. There is a lot of scope for haggling and if you are patient, you will find some amazing stuff. Since this is a very popular market, it is usually jam packed with people. It is not recommended that you bring children along to this market. Traffic is crazy during rush hours, so beware of that. The place can be really chaotic, and if you are not into haggling and street-shopping, you may want to avoid the market. But all said and done, this is one of the craziest markets in entire Asia, and you must visit it at least once for a different shopping experience!

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Top 5 Places to Shop in Jakarta Indonesia